Post Gathering Course

Lure the Tiger Out of the Mountains

Monday, January 16, 2017 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM and Tuesday, January 17, 2017 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

“Facilitating Multiple Stakeholders in Developing Creative Solutions to Tough Issues”

Trainers:  Ann Epps and Maureen Jenkins

This workshop will explore methods for working in collaboration with multiple-stakeholders to get to the heart of tough issues in a creative thinking and consensus-forming process.  A major portion of time will be spent in experimenting with paradigms/methods for developing creative strategic actions that move beyond the typical brainstorming, clustering, and prioritizing of solutions.  Insights will be drawn from the Dilemma Method, Systems thinking, SunTzu’s indirect tactical approach, Gao Yuan’s stratagem of “Lure the Tiger Out of the Mountain,” and the Technology of Participation (ToP) adapted strategic action approach.  A workbook with detailed procedures will be available for reference and immediate use by participants in facilitating workshops with clients.

Session Content Outline & Description:


  • Welcome and “check in”
  • Presentation and practice using various creative approaches to deal with tough issues:
              The Dilemma Method (Charles Hampden Turner)
              Systems Thinking (leveraging the vicious cycle, Peter Senge)
              “Lure the Tiger out of the Mountain” (Gao Yuan)
               Indirect Tactics form Sun Tzu’s Art of War


  • Using a case study, participants identify the stakeholders and the major issues in the case
  • Stakeholder groups apply the creative strategies to the major issues for developing win-win-solutions for all stakeholders
  • Implications & next steps
  • Reflections and Close

Lure the Tiger Out of the Mountains

ToP Network Member Fees ToP Network Non-Member Fees
  • Early Bird (paid by November 13, 2016)
$250 $295
  • Regular (paid by December 12, 2016)
$295 $345
  • Late (paid after December 12, 2016)
$345 $395


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