CALIFORNIA SNAP-ED ToP Virtual Mentoring Project

California Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (CA SNAP-Ed) is deepening skills to engage community leaders in improving healthy food and physical activity practices.  In 2016, SNAP-Ed funded ToP Facilitation Methods training across California attended by 171 state and community leaders.

In 2017, CA SNAP-Ed supported a six-month virtual ToP facilitation mentoring program for those who had taken the courses to deepen their ability to apply ToP methods to their SNAP-Ed work.  The image below shares their journey.  Each arrow represents links to a mentoring session's content and the resources shared for that step in designing meaningful events. 

You are invited to join us on the journey - just click on an arrow to visit a step.   Need a refresher on basic ToP methods?  Here's an overview video that will open in a new window.


These are the agency partners in the California SNAP-Ed program.  We are grateful for their support.

To see the projects designed during this mentoring series, click on Design Topics