ToP Facilitation Methods (TFM)

In this course (offered in 2 and 3 day versions) participants learn three proven ways to activate group participation.

Focused Conversation Method 
The foundational approach that leads naturally to a meaningful exchange of ideas.

Consensus Workshop Method 
This engaging, structured process energizes people to reach consensus.

Action Planning Method 
These practical steps help groups plan, organize resources and build commitment. 


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Visitors:  Explore these great public resources highlighting the importance of quality conversation:

Habits that Block Conversation by Brian Stanfield
This article lists and briefly defines six habits that block conversation such as possessing the absolute truth, the tyranny of the OR, the allure of criticisms and others.  Modified from Chapter 1 of "The Art of Focused Conversation." 
Talk Deeply Be Happy by Roni Caryn Rabin
This research article reports that people who are happier talk more deeply in their day to day interactions.
Difficult Conversations by Martha Lasley
This article presents an introduction to the Authentic Communication method, its four levels (observation, feelings, needs, requests), and concludes with a discussion of similarities and differences to the Focused Conversation method.

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