ToP Network BBIPOC CoP

The ToP Network values diverse experiences that contribute to the body of knowledge that helps us all improve, support, and thrive in our understanding of one another and ToP practices.  This is an invitation if you identify as a Black, Brown, Indigenous, and/or Person of Color (BBIPOC) and use the ToP Methods in your facilitation practice to be part of the Community of Practice (CoP).

The purpose for the BIPOC CoP is to:

  • A space to freely discuss our experiences, struggles, etc., around being BBIPOC Facilitators
  • Building collaborative relationships for BBIPOC facilitators to learn, grow, and encourage each other
  • Create community amongst ToP practitioners that are part of the global majority
  • Create a safe space to unpack experiences unique to facilitators that are from communities that are traditionally marginalized or are underrepresented
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Meet quarterly via Zoom for 90 minutes and is open to members of the ToP Network who identify as BBIPOC.
  • Bring food and drinks! Be comfortable (informal yet productive)

Meeting Rational Aims:

  • Getting to know other BBIPOC facilitators in the TN
  • Reflect on our aims
  • Identifying future potential topics
  • Schedule remaining 2023 Quarterly Meet up’s & more
  • Share what support you need as facilitators

Primary methods of engagement

  • Virtual (Zoom)
  • BIPOC CoP Slack Channel


  1. If you identify as a Black, Brown, Indigenous, and/or Person of Color (BBIPOC) and are interested in joining the BBIPOC CoP, please complete a short Google Form asking for your name and email address to use for the Slack invitation. If you do not identify as such, you will not receive an invite to our Slack channel.
  2. To register for the upcoming BBIPOC CoP Quarterly Meet Up please register by clicking here.
    1. January 26 12:30 – 2:00 pm PT/ 3:30 – 5:00 pm ET