Virtual Facilitation Online (VFO)

Over 8 virtual sessions, learn to facilitate engaging virtual meetings, where participants exchange ideas, manage projects and solve problems. This course is an online learning lab for those who want to make online meeting and events collaborative, participatory and engaging. 

Visitors:  Explore these great public resources highlighting the value of Virtual Facilitation and offering tips for smooth and efficient online facilitation.

The Evolution of ToP Virtual Facilitation by Sunny Walker
This document provides the history of the development of online facilitation in the ToP community.

My Virtual Facilitation Journey by Amy Murphy
In this brief essay, Amy Murphy expains the impact of ToP virtual facilitation on her work.

Don't Say Hello by Laurie Dougherty
This essay provides 9 tips for new virtual facilitators.

Working Together In One Space by Susan Stewart
This document provides a wealth of valuable tips for engaging participants in virtual facilitation.

The Gifts and Challenges of ToP Virtual Meetings by Cheryl Kartes
In this essay, Cheryl Kartes explains lessons learned about gifts and challenges of virtual facilitation.


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