Institute of Cultural Affairs

ICA-USA – Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA.  ICA-USA strengthens the capacities of individuals, organizations, and communities to build and implement innovative plans of action that draw upon assets and social capital in a collaborative manner.  They  hold the ToP (Technology of Participation) registered trademark. ToP trainers in USA are licensed agents of ICA-USA.

ICA Canada – The Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs.  ICA Canada has worked with diverse groups both locally and internationally to provide individuals with practical, participatory and self-reflective methods to transform communities.

ICA Associates (Canada) – These are certified facilitators and trainers who train ICA courses and author many ToP books including The Art of Focused Conversation, The Art of Focused Conversations for Schools, The Workshop Book, Transformational Strategy.  Contact [email protected] for more information

ICAI (ICA International) – Institute of Cultural Affairs International.  This is a global network of national member ICA organizations. Read their Winds and Waves publication.