Certified ToP Facilitators

The ToP Network is proud to introduce it’s cohort of Certified ToP Facilitators!  See list

Since 2005, the Institute of Cultural Affairs has collaborated with the ToP Network in developing the certification program for ToP facilitators.  We are proud to share this list of  82 ToP Certified Facilitators, and to recommend their skills and accomplishments to all inquirers.     

What was the pathway for these Certified Facilitators?  

These skilled and professional facilitators have been working for one-three years to demonstrate seven areas of competence, deemed by the ICA and ToP Network as essential to quality facilitation.  ToP methods are featured prominently in the candidate’s work, along with six other essential ingredients of quality in facilitation: 

  • Manage positive client relationships 
  • Create a participatory environment 
  • Evoke the creativity of the group 
  • Use ToP Methods Effectively 
  • Model positive professional attitudes 
  • Orchestrate quality events 
  • Produce effective results 

How does the ToP Network support the journey? 

Each year across the U.S., facilitators indicate their interest in the Certification 'track', register for the CTF program and begin working with a Primary Mentor to build a portfolio of facilitation experience that reflects their excellence with the 7 areas of facilitation competence.  There is a certification assessment event prior to the Annual Gathering of the ToP Network annually, where the accomplishments of the CTF's are reviewed.  

Each year the new CTF Facilitators are added to the growing CTF pool of facilitators available to support effective communication and decision-making in organizations.   The next assessment events will be in Chicago, IL on July 20, 2018, Minneapolis MN on September 21, 2018 and January 11, 2019 prior to the Annual Gathering in New Orleans, LA.   

ToP Network is excited to share and celebrate the accomplishments of it's Certified Facilitators! 

Download CTF Guidelines