ToP Network

ToP Network (ToPN) is a professional association of ToP practitioners that transfers excellence in ToP facilitation and training.

Membership opens the door to ToPN's extensive features and benefits.

  • A shared learning community of ToP practitioners
  • Multiple networking opportunities for professional development and client engagement
  • Access to the ToP experience and wisdom of seasoned ToPN members
  • Input and engagement opportunities with task teams and the Leadership Team
  • Reduced rates for membership meetings and courses
  • A ToP resource library with useful tools and training information.

ToP Network maintains training as our core competency, continually innovates ToP methods and curriculum, and supports ToP practitioners' professional development journey.               

Developing Healthy Communities

California hosted a six-month virtual ToP Facilitation mentoring program to improve facilitation design skills.  Developing Healthy Communities shares the journey.  Come along. Click on the image below.

The Resource Library Continues to Grow

Contributions from the 2018 Gathering are nearly all loaded.  Our early 2018 focus has been on 
  • Grassroots Toolbox: tools and examples useful for students/youth, community organizers, and neighborhood leaders
  • Connecting with Clients: practical tools for needs assessment and contracting with clients; examples of winning proposals
  • Innovative Edges: tools, templates, and examples for integrating ToP with other cutting edge techniques
  • Inclusive Materials: multilingual or culturally contextualized resources
  • Fostering Dialogue: pre-written Focused Conversations on a range of topics
And, as always, we welcome:
  • Samples of items from certification portfolios
  • Case studies, stories, and documentation examples from the field
  • Participant handouts, PowerPoint presentations
  • Advice, tips, and cheat sheets
  • Exercises, games, videos, etc. to encourage creative, strategic, or reflective thinking

Explore the Resource Library under the tab above.