Benefits of Membership

What is ToP Network?

ToP Network is a membership-based association that connects and supports ToP practitioners in order to improve and expand the use of ToP methods. 

What is ToP?

Technology of Participation (ToP) is a powerful collection of facilitation methods that transform the way groups think, talk and work together.  They enable highly energized, inclusive and meaningful group collaboration that lead to successful outcomes.  ToP methods were developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), a leader over the past five decades in promoting lasting positive change in organizations and communities around the world.

What are ToP Network Member Benefits?

    • Membership in a unique learning community of facilitators and trainers
    • Access to ToP wisdom and experience through virtual interchange with ToP Network colleagues
    • Opportunities to network with other ToP Network members for professional development and client engagement
    • Input and engagement with Top Network Task Teams and the Board
    • Reduced rates to the Annual Gathering, professional development workshops, courses, and events
    • Access to an online Resource Library where we share the collective wisdom and writings of ToP practitioners 
    • Listing your ToP Network Membership as a professional affiliation on your resume

 Categories and Dues

    • Facilitator Member $125 (ToP Practitioner)
    • ToP Trainer Member $125 (Qualified Trainer, Mentor Trainer, Apprentice)
    • Student Member $50 (High School or University Student)
    • Emeritus Member $25 (Retired Practitioner or Trainer)

    An agreement for membership in the ToP Network is a commitment to using the Technology of Participation (ToP) methods appropriately.  We encourage you to take a ToP Facilitation Methods (TFM) course to learn about these methods. To sign up for a course, go to the national ToP training registration site.

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