ToP Courses 

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Facilitation Fundamentals

ToP Facilitation Methods (2-day course) and ToP Facilitation Methods - Leadership Edition (3-day course) - address the foundational elements of ToP - the Focused Conversation and Consensus Workshop Methods and the Action Planning Process.

ToP Focused Conversation - (1-day course) generate meaningful, productive dialogue around any topic with this powerful, universally applicable framework.

Accelerated Action Planning - (1/2 day course) addresses processes to help smaller teams develop effective plans in a short amount of time.

Facilitation Graphics - (1-day course) helps develop ability to embrace visual tools in the facilitation process

Facilitation for Innovation - (1-day course) provides a wealth of approaches to help a group break through mental logjams in thinking through their situation.

Approaches to Environmental Scanning - (1-day course) help get groups on the same page as they consider their planning process.

Making Data Dance - (1 day course) focuses on designing participatory processes for data gathering, review and analysis.

Meetings that Work - (2 day course) Ensures that meetings are effective, highly productive, and efficient.  Designed for the person who needs tools to enhance participation and productivity in various types of meetings.

Facilitation for Innovation - (1 day course) Introduces tools and practices that groups and teams can use to heighten their creativity quotient and foster innovative problem solving.

Virtual Facilitation Online - (8 weekly sessions - 6 are 90 minutes, 2 are 2 hours in length) teaches ways to engage a virtual group.

Advanced Facilitation:

ToP Strategic Planning - (2-day course) Learn how to weave ToP methods into an integrated approach to strategic planning.

ToP Secrets of Implementation - (2-day course) keep plans and projects alive, relevant, doable and achievable.


Facilitation Mastery:

Mastering Technology of Participation (MTOP) - (year long course) for those wanting to significantly improve their skills in group facilitation.

Designing for Change - (2-day course) - focuses on the power of mental models and how to help a group achieve deep change.