During this engaging session we will be co-creating community agreements that will serve as the guiding principles for the ToP Network Gathering 2024 – Coastal Oasis: A place for facilitators to connect, create & rejuvenate. This session is tailored for use at the Gathering, but open to anyone eager to:

  • Connect with other facilitators about the power of community agreements
  • Delve into some ways community agreements can be an anti-oppressive practice
  • Contribute your ideas and insights, to help make the 2024 Gathering an unforgettable experience

Whether you're a seasoned ToP facilitator or a newcomer, your perspective matters! Don't miss this opportunity to play a pivotal role in crafting a collaborative and inclusive Gathering experience, whether you can join us in Myrtle Beach or not! Your input will not only shape the overall tone of the Gathering but can also be woven into workshop sessions.

This is a free event and open to anyone whether they are attending the 2024 Gathering or not. However, we do require that people register for this free session at least 48 hours prior to February 6th. This event will not be recorded.

Rational Aim: Draft community agreements that will be introduced in the 2024 Gathering opening plenary and available for presenters to use in their individual sessions.

Experiential Aim: Collect the insights of those interested in creating agreements that serve as an equitable practice, designed to foster inclusion, belonging, and accountability - during this year’s Gathering and beyond.

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