ToP Network Annual Gathering

The ToP Network Annual Gathering is an event designed to bring members of the ToP Network and ToP practitioners together for three days of laughter, learning, sharing and participation. The term ‘gathering’ means to bring people together or assemble from various places. Gathering represents the spirit of the event better than the definition of a conference, which is defined as an act of conferring or consulting.

This is an intimate event typically bringing together about 125-150 ToP colleagues. In 2021 and 2022 it was held virtually.  Before then, it was held in a different location around the US.

Traditional Features of the Gathering include:

Learn via a series of workshops and post-courses facilitated by skilled practitioners of participatory methods. Expand your toolbox and learn fresh ways to use ToP methods.
Connect with colleagues from across the U.S. and from around the world. Expand your network of peers and mentors.
Participate during full-group plenary sessions and experience ToP methods in a new way.
• Share your methods and experiences by presenting in 'unconference' sessions led by participants
Challenge your thinking by participating in Community Issues Sessions
Explore the local area with your colleagues 
Engage with Action Teams to shape the work of the ToP Network
Contribute to the network's legacy of more than 50 years of global community and organization development work
ToP Trainers meet for a day of planning to grow and shape the ToP training program