ToP Toolkit Team


Team:  Beth Glommen, Mary Beth Harrington, Kim Howe, Dick Moen, Jen Schanen

Team leads:  Beth Glommen & Dick Moen

The ToP Toolkit is a relevant, robust, easy to access resource of tools and templates to support ToP Network members.


To further develop the ToP Network Tool Kit and ensure that the Tool Kit is relevant and useful for ToP Network members.

Vision Elements Addressed:  

  • Effective external marketing
  • A diverse, growing and well-informed membership
  • A vibrant forum for professional development and learning of our members

Focus of Activity for 2016

As inspired by our consensus workshop at 2016 ToP Network Annual Gathering:

  1. user accessibility; quick discovery
  2. expanding content
  3. admin & maintenance

New Messages that Apply to Us:

  • ToP plays well/nice with others
  • Being relevant in our times is good for business
  • We are a learning community

Success Indicators for 2016

User Accessibility: increased site clicks (need baseline)
Expanding Content: more content (at least 12 new uploads per year)
Admin & Maintenance:  retain new members of toolkit team; increased site clicks

Behaviors to Develop:

  • Open to prototyping
  • More demonstration of results and more robust way of demonstrating as a community the impact of our methods
  • Embrace technology
  • More partnerships with other participatory practices
  • Space for nuanced methods as they exist
  • More ToP design included – other methods & tools
  • To exchange: knowledge and wisdom
  • Experimentation – got us here

ToP Toolkit Team 2016 Calendar

Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
  • On-board 2 new team members
  • Reassess resource directory organization and functionality
  • Upload new contributions
  • Collect baseline data re: clicks and content
  • Develop plan for reorganizing resource directory
  • Collect metadata
  • Reorganize resource directory
  • Push for new content
  • Publicize master list of content
  • Research functionality of Memberclicks for searchability or outside sites that could be linked to
  • Input new content and prepare for ToP conference