ToP Champions National Recognition Program 




Since 2004, the ToP Network and ICA-USA have acknowledged organizations and individuals that have produced tangible results and made a measurable difference in their organizations and communities through the use of ToP methods.  ToP Champions reflect:

  •  Respect for inclusive participation
  • The ability to hear and include differing voices
  • The security to step into a world of no predetermined outcome
  • A capacity to engage creative processes with people to explore and create their own preferred future
  • The discipline to embrace effective facilitative leadership to build the foundation of true participation

Historically, ToP Champions have been recognized at the local level and we encourage this local selection and recognition to continue.

National ToP Champion Recognition 

Who Can Nominate:

Any ToP trainer or ToP Certified Facilitator may submit a nomination for an organization as a whole, an initiative (with a representative identified) or an individual in an organization.

Criteria for National Recognition:

  • The organization, initiative, or individual has made a significant difference with the use of ToP methods and demonstrated substantial impact within their organization or community.
  • They reflect the values and approaches inherent in the ToP methods – profound respect and inclusive participation, the desire for inclusion, hearing differing voices, willing to step into the void of no predetermined outcome.  They engage the creative process of people exploring and creating their own preferred future while reflecting a stance of effective facilitative leadership and building the structures of true participatory processes.
  • They are willing, based on their experience and success with ToP methods, to say publicly that they use ToP methods and will serve as a reference, coach or mentor to others. 
  • Their case story about transformation is noteworthy to tell to a national audience.
  • Their case story serves as a representative example of what is possible when ToP methods are used. 
  • They are willing to share their testimonial publicly so that it may inspire other organizations to invest in the methods. 

Honoring National ToP Champions

These ToP Champions will be acknowledged at the ToP Network Annual Gathering at our celebration event.  They will be invited to attend the event if they are local; otherwise, arrangements will be made to meet with them in their locale. These ToP Champions will receive a commendation letter from the ToP Network and ICA-USA acknowledging the work they have done to reflect the power of participation.  Their stories will be publicized on the ICA-USA and ToP Network websites and newsletters.

Steps to Nominate a ToP Champion for National Recognition

  1. Identify an organization, initiative or individual that deserves to be recognized nationally as a ToP Champion
  2. Use the Nomination Form to interview the organizational representative and other key people that you have selected…to answer the question – what has been the impact of these methods in your work and in your organization?
  3. Notify your nominee that their nomination is being submitted for national recognition.
  4. Ask your nominee to read the nomination and approve publishing their story and logo. In effect they are agreeing to serve as references for ToP methods.
  5. Submit nomination to the ToP Network board.
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