Membership Team 


Team:  Jonathan Bell, Stephanie Cosgrove, Suzanne Esber, Seva Gandhi, Sherry Johnson, Lindley Myers, Sherwood Shankland                                      

Team leads: Pam Sterling


Retain current members, increase the number of members, and enrich and highlight the benefits of ToP Network membership.

Vision Elements Addressed: 

  • Effective External Marketing
  • A Diverse, Growing and Well-Informed Membership
  • A vibrant forum for professional development and learning of our members

Focus of Activity for 2016

  1. Updating, adding to, enhancing visibility and sharing benefits of membership
  2. Being responsive to the needs of membership and communicating with members
  3. Developing a 3 year growth, engagement, and retention campaign


New Messages that Apply to Us:

  • Having different levels of membership/valuing all of them
  • ToP Plays well/nice with others
  • We integrate leadership with participation
  • Being relevant in our times is good for business
  • We constantly evolve our policies + processes
  • We meet you in the gap and we have embraced the whole continuum
  • We are a learning community
  • Greeting people we do not know & we do know with “What are your gifts”
  • Foundational Meaning: Profound respect, disciplined thinking, Group transformation

Success Indicators for 2016

  1. Membership benefits document completed.
  2. Communication plan for the recruitment and retention for members created.
  3. Exit Survey developed, implemented and data analyzed.
  4. 3 year growth, engagement and retention campaign developed (GER).

Behaviors to Develop:

  • Demonstration of results
  • Language change that is inclusive: not in camps
  • Bring back wonderful former allies with a different question than “What can you help with?”
  • Embrace technology
  • More partnership with other participatory practices
  • Business orientation needed    More appreciation less criticism
  • To exchange: knowledge and wisdom
  • Rigor and partnership
  • Experimentation – got us here



Membership Team 2016 Calendar

Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
  • Membership Benefits Document Initiated
  • Exit Survey completed
  • Membership Benefits Document Completed
  • Communication Plan Created
  • Exit Survey Completed & Implemented
  • Develop 3 year GER
  • Exit Survey Results Analyzed
  • Communication Plan Implemented
  • Implement 3 year GER