Curriculum Team


Team:  Deb Burnight, Melanie Chase, Ester Mae Cox, Stacey Daraio, Laurie Dougherty, Mary Flanagan, Maria Teresa Gaston, Nancy Jackson, Eunice Shankland, Bill Staples

Team leads:  Nancy Jackson


The Team shall oversee the revision of current ToP courses and the development of new ToP courses.

Vision Elements Addressed:  

  • Vibrant, Robust ToP Training Program
  • Effective external marketing
  • A diverse, growing and well-informed membership
  • A vibrant forum for professional development and learning of our members

Focus of Activity for 2016

  1. Create and print a TFM Trainers Manual
  2. (In concert with IAF Competencies mapping) identify gaps in course offerings and plan for development
  3. Continue discovery of innovation in ToP, e.g. theory, language, training approaches
  4. Discover best ways to evaluate training impact
  5. Update Spanish version of course manuals
  6. Revitalize YFL


New Messages that Apply to Us:

  • Inclusivity
  • Versatility

Success Indicators for 2016


Behaviors to Develop:

  • Be careful about our language in course openings, resources, and to younger audiences
  • Build innovative engagement tools into courses



Curriculum Team 2016 Calendar

Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
  • Map IAF competencies of TFM course
  • Design TFM trainers manual and resource library
  • Complete TFM Trainers manual and resource library
  • Submit TFM course for IAF training endorsement