Sponsor the 2018 ToP Network Annual Gathering

ToP practitioners - trainers and facilitators - will join together at our Gathering to make and deepen connections, explore and exchange innovations and harvest inspiration from all the wonderful work being done by ToP practitioners. Join us at the Gathering to share your organization's community programs and best practices and learn the latest techniques for increasing and success in your meetings, events and initiatives.

Sponsorship Levels and Opportunities

If you desire to help specific individuals attend the Gathering, read more about supporting Emerging Community Leaders.  If you want to support the Gathering itself, there are many ways to do so.  Please read on.  


  • The ToP Network Gathering digital program will feature your brand name and logo. 
And, you will receive…
  • One skirted table with your materials will be featured prominently in the common space - right in the heart of things! 
Price…  $500



  • Bronze level, plus…
  • The registration area will feature your name and logo with signage.
  • Your sponsorship will be highlighted during the conference welcome and closing sessions 
  • The ToP Network Gathering website will feature your name and logo and we will promote your organization with social media during the conference.
You Will Also Receive…
  • 1 full conference registration including all scheduled meals and attendance at all sessions
Price…  $1,000



  • Silver Level, plus…
  • The opening reception will feature your brand name and logo with signage and announcements
And, you will support future facilitation and community Leaders!
  • $500 of this sponsor fee will be automatically donated to the ToP Network (donation receipt provided upon request) to support future leaders attendance at the conference.
And, you will also receive…
  • 2 full conference registrations including all scheduled meals and attendance at all sessions
Price…    $2500


We invite you to sponsor this event.  Your support helps us provide exemplary programming at the Gathering and keeps the registration fee affordable for our participants.  We welcome the opportunity to showcase your services and products to our members. 

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