Readings and Research on ToP

Articles, essays, and research on the history, theory, and application of ToP facilitation.

Benefits of Participatory Planning by Rosabeth Moss Kanter  
This list of five benefits of participatory planning is excerpted from Rosabeth Moss Kanter's Winning Through Participation. 

Blip on the Radar or New Paradigm by Wayne Nelson  
In this article, Wayne Nelson of ICA Associates (Canada), suggests participation as a paradigm shift, not just a passing fad.

Organizational Wisdom of ICA by Terry Bergdall
Written by long-time ICA Executive Director, Terry Bergdall, this ICA orientation handbook gives the reader an in-depth understanding of the principles, values, and perspectives of the ICA.

Revisioning Organization Development
In this peer-reviewed academic article from the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, several organizational development techniques are analyzed.  Discussion regarding ToP begins on page 7.

The Evolution of ICA's Facilitation Methods
In this brief article, Brian Stanfield articulates the origins of the ToP methods.

The Technology of Participation by Marilyn Oyler and Gordon Harper
This excerpt from The Change Handbook is a detailed article written by Marilyn Oyler and Gordon Harper, explaining ToP processes, development, implementation, and benefits.

Addressing Conflict in Development using ICA's Technology of Participation by Jonathan Dudding
In this paper, Jonathan Dudding from ICA/UK describes the development and theory behind ToP processes and describes how ToP methods can be used to effectively address conflict situations.

Facilitator Style by Wayne Nelson
In this book chapter, Wayne Nelson offers insights about the essential facilitator values and practices that enable participants to create their own future.

Magic Of The Facilitator by Brian Stanfield
In this chapter, Brian Stanfield lays out 14 competencies that facilitators must possess.

How to Make a Sticky Wall
This one-page instruction sheet explains how to make your own sticky wall.

Origin of the Sticky Wall
This short description tells of the events and characters who were instrumental in bringing the sticky wall to our work.