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Participate in the wealth of knowledge available through ToP training.  Lots of courses around the country eagerly await your participation.  

New to ToP?  Here are some options perfect for you:

ToP Facilitation Methods (2-day course) and ToP Facilitation Methods - Leadership Edition (3-day course) - address the foundational elements of ToP - the Focused Conversation and Consensus Workshop Methods and the Action Planning Process.

ToP Focused Conversation - (1-day course) dedicated to the process of helping a group reach shared awareness.

Accelerated Action Planning - (1/2 day course) addresses processes to help smaller teams develop effective plans in a short amount of time.

Facilitation Graphics - (1-day course) helps develop ability to embrace visual tools in the facilitation process

Facilitation for Innovation - (1-day course) provides a wealth of approaches to help a group break through mental logjams in thinking through their situation.

Virtual Facilitation Online - (8 weekly sessions - 6 are 90 minutes, 2 are 2 hours in length) teaches ways to engage a virtual group.

Know ToP basics?  There is much more to learn:

ToP Strategic Planning - (2-day course) Learn how to weave ToP methods into an integrated approach to strategic planning.

ToP Secrets of Implementation - (2-day course) keep plans and projects alive, relevant, doable and achievable.

Approaches to Environmental Scanning - (1-day course) help get groups on the same page as they consider their planning process.

Mastering Technology of Participation (MTOP) - (year long course) for those wanting to significantly improve their skills in group facilitation.

Power of Image Shift - (3-day course) - focuses on the power of mental models and how to help a group achieve deep change.

National ToP Trainers Academy - (year long course) comprehensive train the trainer model

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