Would you like to help someone attend the 2019 ToP Network Gathering ...  

...Someone who is sitting for Certification, completing MToP or achieving Qualified Trainer status but lacks the resources to cover registration?  

...Or maybe help an international ToP practitioner or someone from an underrepresented group who has an important perspective to share on using ToP methods in their community?  We value diversity among our Gathering registrants and sometimes a little help when Gathering registration fees are out of reach enriches the Gathering experience for everyone.

The ToP Network has a Gathering Scholarship fund to defray Gathering registration costs.  We invite you to donate to the Gathering Scholarship fund and ToP Network will match donations, dollar for dollar, up to a total contribution of $1,000.

2019 Gathering Sponsorship Donation form donations of $10 or more are welcome! 

Contribute to the Gathering Scholarship Fund


Do you need help with the Gathering Registration expense or know someone who does?

Are you a dedicated ToP practitioner who needs a little help with Gathering registration costs?  Have the costs of sitting for ToP Certification and/or the demands of achieving Qualified Trainer status drained resources to cover your Gathering registration?

Are you part of an under-represented group who has experience and perspective to share on using ToP methods in your community but have no resources or source of support to help you participate in this event? 

The Gathering Scholarship fund was created to assist with Gathering registration costs for individuals who demonstrate strong investment in the future of ToP methods.  We value diverse experience that contributes to the body of knowledge that helps us all improve our understanding and ToP practice.

Scholarships may be partial or complete, depending on need and available funds.  An application is required and referral from the applicant's mentor trainer may be requested.  

ToP Network Board reserves the right to make decisions to grant (or decline) a scholarship in full or part. Gathering Scholarship assistance is limited to once per person.

Apply for a Gathering Scholarship